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Mass arrest of Eritrean fishermen in Yemen

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Translated By: Radhia Khairan

Around 60 Eritrean fishermen have been held in custody at the Mocha Security administration detention center since March 12, 2013 until this writing without any legal justification or charges, as reported to HOOD team in Taiz.

According to the report, these Eritreans are being abused and subject to cruel inhuman treatment. Moreover, their boats with all fish and fishing equipments were looted. Notably, these fishermen have been selling fish at a coast belongs to the Yemen Fisheries at Mocha for many years ago under the supervision of the Yemen competent authorities and through Yemeni recognizable agents.

In a written statement to the Appeal Prosecution Chief of Taiz, Mr. Tawfik Al Shoubi, the head of HOOD team in Taiz, called upon him to instruct the competent prosecution at Mocha to visit the detention site to investigate the detention of those detained and order their release or, if found guilty, be transferred to the competent authority.

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