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HOOD's Statement on the Killing of Houthi Demonstrators in Front of the NSB

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HOOD is deeply saddened by the loss of life during the demonstrations to dissolve the National Security Bureau (NSB) in the capital Sana'a, which were organized by Houthi activists.  We reaffirm our belief in the sanctity of the blood of all Yemen's citizens, regardless of party. Our grief is deepened at the thought that this bloodshed and loss of Yemeni life occurred during the National Dialogue, which itself represents the culmination of the success of the peaceful youth revolution, a revolution which was supposed to inspire our nation to promote values of peace and solidarity in the hearts of the people and the actions of the citizens.

Last Sunday, a Houthi group held a demonstration outside the headquarters of the National Security Bureau (NSB) demanding the dissolution of the NSB and calling for the release of the Houthis being held by the authorities.  The reaction of the security forces caused the death of at least 7 Shia Houthi protesters and injured dozens others.

HOOD believes that no crime should go unpunished. Although we welcomed the formation of a committee to investigate the incident, we are dismayed by the unexplained delay in the reporting of the findings of the committee. Given that the National Security building itself is surrounded by surveillance cameras, discovering the truth of what happened that day should be entirely possible.

Moreover, HOOD reiterates the right of all citizens to the peaceful expression of their opinions and the use of all peaceful means at their disposal to advocate for their opinion and to mobilize public opinion in their favor.  HOOD also calls all the youth of our revolution and all those invested in the future of our nation to employ the tools and techniques of peaceful, non-violent resistance and to never carry weapons or any potentially dangerous objects while exercising their legitimate rights.


13 June, 2013

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