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The National Organization for Defending Rights and Freedoms-"HOOD" is one of the pioneer Yemeni non-governmental organizations working in the field of monitoring and defense of human rights in Yemen. HOOD main office was established in the capital of Sana'a in 1998 by a group of MPs, lawyers, jurists and human rights activists. HOOD staff at the headquarters was receiving complaints and reports, reacting accordingly in the headquarters. They also had launched many supporting human rights campaigns but HOOD activities were limited to the capital.


Over time HOOD has been witnessed increasing burden of receiving several complaints from the other districts and governments other than Sana'a, which was often addressed late by HOOD due to the geographical remoteness from the headquarters. In addition, the difficulties of having direct contact with the complainants and informants and investigate their complaints urged HOOD to embark on local teams working willingly at the provincial level in providing legal assistant to the victims and documenting human rights violations. These teams consist of groups of local journalists, lawyers and socially influential people in their localities.

Holding on the principle of enhancing the protection of human rights in Yemen through the establishment of advocacy teams, HOOD during the period 2006-2008, on the formation of the first advocacy team composed of males and females lawyers, journalists and human rights activists in 11 provinces are as follows: the capital Sana'a, al Dhali, Ibb, Taiz, Hodeidah, Hadramout, Dhamar, Rayma, Aden, Lahj. The teams' members were then trained and qualified to be able to monitor violations and provide legal aid to victims.


In 2009, through the program of the promotion of human rights advocacy and defense in Yemen funded by (MEPI), HOOD resumed establishing the first group of HOOD teams in 9 governorates: Amran, Hajja, Marib, Shabwa, Albaidha, Aljawf, Hadramout (Sai'wn) and Mahweet.


HOOD established advocacy teams and trained them through training courses both were concluded with ToT courses in the field of human rights and has thus established a qualified team of trainers capable of training others in the field of advocacy and defense of human rights in their locals.


Given that the aggressive conditions imposed in Aden where persecution and oppression was practiced on human rights activists, our previous team was repealed and a new one was established in 12 April 2012.


HOOD was not able to create teams in the provinces of Abyan and Saada given the circumstances that prevailed in both provinces but it has mandated field teams to monitor violations from time to time as well as receive complaints from those provinces and deal with cross members active in the field of rights and freedoms that are in the near speedy formation of teams in these provinces and trained and qualified to monitor violations and promote a culture of human rights.


Believing in the importance of giving out the culture of human rights and public awareness of the legal rights, HOOD is aware of creating teams at the level of the districts of all Yemeni governorates so that they become a shield addressing those violations by their own.


HOOD strives through these teams to establish independent organizations active in the field of human rights all around the Yemeni governorates. These teams are well-trained on human rights defense mechanisms, advocacy and organizational management so that they have a more effective role in the future.

The advocacy teams, in the various provinces and districts, adopt human rights cases and provide legal aid to the victims. Moreover, the teams mount various events related to public cases and disseminate the culture of human rights at the level of smaller localities in the provinces of the Republic.


We'd like to refer to the fund of the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) in support to the Complaints and Reports Dept. of HOOD main office during April 1st 2012 to March 31st 2013.

The Application of Complaints or Reports:

Complaints or Reports are not accepted unless the complainants or the informants attend in person to any of HOOD team members with their identity papers and a have their fingerprint on the forms below.

Complaints Forms:


The Forms



 Illegal Detention Form

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Complaint Form

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Damages Form

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Injuries Form

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Testimony Form

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Killing Form

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Kidnapping Form

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